Cry Holy

Cry Holy CD coverCry Holy by SONICFLOOd is hardly new any more (it took a month to get it by Media Mail) but it’s an awesome CD. If you haven’t listened to it yet, I think you should give it a try. It’s a great follow-up to Resonate.

First of all, if you were a fan of the original SONICFLOOd, you may be disappointed. Cry Holy is the same band from Resonate. Since I personally like both sounds, this doesn’t bother me, but it may be a problem for you.

Many songs from Resonate had a slight techno feel to them, particularly “Lord of the Dance” and “You are the Holy One.” Cry Holy is a lot more laid-back. What you get is a band which emphasizes very melodic notes from a guitar, a persistent but not overbearing drumline, and lyrics that seem to float. If you’ve ever listened to Savage Garden, you’ll find a similar sound on Cry Holy. (“Rushing In” is particularly like this.)

If you happen to get a chance to see SONICFLOOd on tour, don’t pass it up. They have the stage presence of many secular bands, and unlike those secular bands, they are singing with a message.