Congratulations, Ruben!

Ruben Studdard wins! (Of course, I shouldn’t know this because the show won’t air in Hawai’i for another 1½ hours :P) Although I haven’t been following Idol “religiously,” I do know that Ruben’s charm, humility, and incredible voice won me over, from the very first time I heard him sing “Sweet Home Alabama.”

Congratulations also to Clay. His voice was amazing too; it might have been even better than Ruben’s. But in my mind, Ruben had the stage presence to back up his singing.

I hope Ruben’s humility continues as he begins his professional career. We need more artists saying “It’s all about the fans.” In fact, we need more of that from everybody.

UPDATE 5/21 11:22 PM – The fact that Ruben’s fans watched him from a church in Birmingham, and that the American Idol web site lists his past experience as performing with a band called “God’s Gift,” I’m even more confident of my initial feelings that Ruben might be a Christian. (I couldn’t find anything on the band.) Anybody know better?

Also, I’m shocked that with 24 million votes, only 1,335 separated Clay and Ruben. It’s a good thing I’m not a Floridian; I’d have to demand a recount if I was.

UPDATE 2 5/22 6:08 PM – It turns out the difference was 130,000 votes, not 13,000 or 1,300. Perhaps Ryan needs glasses?