The Ultimate Technophile

For many people, the phrase “God works in mysterious ways” is quickly becoming cliché. Having seen God’s miracles over and over and over again, particularly in science and technology, I can say with confidence that (a) God continues to work in mysterious ways in 2003, and (b) He is not afraid of using technology to accomplish His ends.

A while ago, I was really, really angry about something – I can’t remember what, so it must have been something pretty stupid – and I was certainly not behaving the way I should have been. At the time, I was listening to my computer, which I often use to shuffle and play the 200 songs I’ve ripped from my CDs and the CDs of my immediate family. Well, just as I started to begin getting really ticked off, “Wonderful, Merciful Savior” by Selah started playing. (You can find a sound clip at that page.)

Trust me, God knows exactly what He’s doing. He humbled me in seconds using nothing but Winamp.