Thoughts on Christian Blogs

I missed the big chat over at signposts, but I stopped in afterwards and met a few charming people, including Darren of LivingRoom, and Phil of signposts. I got to thank Mr. Claybourn for being one of my first visitors, as well.

Phil pointed out what became today’s topic of conversation, a post by Jordon Cooper commenting on how many Christian bloggers are interested primarily in the institution of the church.

From what I’ve seen in my (admittedly limited) experience, most Christian bloggers don’t focus strictly on the church; in fact, many avoid it altogether. The ones I’ve read that do discuss church often do so on a tangent, or they only discuss how Christ works in their lives, without worrying about the structure – IreneQ is a great example of this.

The reason I’ve personally chosen to read Christian blogs is twofold:

  1. I only have an hour or so to read and post each day.
  2. Although there will never be complete agreement when it comes to politics, personal tastes, or anything else, Christians can agree on our “core,” fundamental values. That makes it easier to filter out many of the bad influences on the net (such as a blog or two I’ve come by where there’s more profanity than words).

So even though I’m only reading Christian blogs, I don’t feel like I’m missing much. There’s enough eclecticism, intrigue, and punditry in this little corner of the blogosphere. Opening the floodgates to everybody else might be overwhelming, at least to me, personally.