Perfect Morality: Theory and Application

Something (seemingly unrelated) that I heard today got me thinking about moral relativism – the belief that right and wrong is determined by a person’s culture. Of course, Christians believe that morality is the unchanging expectation of a perfect and holy God that none of us can live up to.

However, just because the law is unchanging doesn’t mean we always follow it. Sometimes, the temptation to fulfill our self-interests leaves God’s will at the wayside. (Sometimes?)

As an example, consider speeding. I don’t know how it works where you live, but in Hawai’i, a “Speed Limit 50” sign means you go 65 to keep up with traffic, and the police won’t give you a second glance. However, God commanded us to obey the laws of our government, because it exists as His representative. The only exception I can see is when doing so directly violates one of God’s laws.

There is only one right way in any given situation. Ask God to tell you what it is. Our sinful nature will often make it difficult to hear Him, but rest assured that there’s always a correct solution to any problem, no matter how twisted and impossible it may seem.