Gearing up For the Holidays

Shaka Santa and Mrs. ClausCrazy after-Halloween retailers notwithstanding, Hawai’i is beginning to look a lot like Christmas. The first sign wasn’t a tree or fancy lights, but rather the weather. As you’re probably aware, it doesn’t snow in Hawai’i. The closest we can hope for is rain, and we had the first winter storm of the season two days ago. I love the cooler weather, with rain pounding on the roof before it patters to the ground. Damage was confined to mud slides and some computers with busted power supplies, according to KHON2. (Is your computer plugged in to a surge protector? I’ll wait.)

The crews at Honolulu Hale (city hall) are starting to put up the Christmas decorations, including unpacking Santa and Mrs. Claus (pictured). Other decorations will include Frosty the Snowman and family, nutcrackers, and a large Christmas tree.

(Image courtesy Lisa Devlin and stock.xchng – yes, I’m too lazy to go down there and get it myself ;).)