KITV is reporting that the Hawai’i state flag that flies over our state capitol is sewn incorrectly, with the union stripes on the bottom incorrectly placed.

The flag was originally designed by Kamehameha I. According to the story:

The exact placement of the lines on the flag is significant because when Kamehameha the Great designed the flag, he purposely put the British Union Jack together with the stripes similar to the United States to show respect for the two great superpowers of the era.

The picture on the page isn’t too clear. To me, it looks like if you flip the flag on the left side over, it’ll be correct. If this is what the people-in-charge have to look at when they check, I can’t really blame them for missing it. It’s certainly a more minor mistake than, say, flying it upside down, which Burger King has done in the past.

There’s a Wikipedia article that adds to the mystery.