Lemons to Lemonade

LemonLemonade stands are about the most obvious place to conduct a feel-good business transaction I can think of. (Not to mention the poster child of capitalism and democracy in the United States.) Where else can you find a thirst quencher and also help a good cause for pennies on the dollar?

It’s sad that these children, often attempting to earn money for very good reasons, are so often targeted. I don’t know who the nosy neighbor was that tried to cut short 6 year-old Avigayil’s attempt to raise money for college, or who stole $30 from 8 year-old Ami, who was trying to raise money to support her unemployed father. I don’t know why, either; but frankly, I don’t care.

What strikes me most about these two stories – from last Wednesday and 1997, respectively – is that these kids took the losses in stride, coming out ahead afterward due to the sympathy of their normal neighbors and the free international advertising on networks like CNN and Fox News. Now that’s the persistence and customer-first attitude that many Fortune 500 businesses still haven’t figured out.

Ladies, if either of you can ship to Hawai’i, let me know and I’ll gladly buy a cup.

(Lemon stock photo courtesy Ernest von Rosen.)