Reaction to The Passion

Mel Gibson’s new movie, The Passion of The Christ, has been generating a lot of media noise since it was initially announced several years ago. Now, the completed film is right around the corner from being shown in 2,000 theaters across the U.S., an astonishing opening for what is considered an indie film.

In Hawai’i, the film has gone from an opening in Consolidated Theater’s Varsity Twins to a more mainstream release of 13 theaters between Hawai’i’s two chains, Consolidated and Signature.

Tonight, ABC devoted an hour to interviewing Gibson, who directed the film. I found the interview very soulful. Clearly, Gibson was speaking to Diane Sawyer from the heart.

Despite the large opening, The Passion still has a large uphill battle. From the start, critics have accused the film (and Gibson) of being anti-semitic. Others have been skeptical about the decision to present the film using the languages of the time – Aramaic and Latin, without any subtitles. (It seems that there will be subtitles in the final version.)

Can’t say whether I’m going to see it yet. From the reviews, I’m confident it will be a faithful rendition of the Gospels. I just don’t know if I’m up to seeing visuals that I have only been exposed to through imagination. The photo on the movie’s web site was graphic enough for my tastes.

News Briefs

About my absence – In addition to taking a break from blogging, I’m also working on adding many features to Since this is ultimately a side project for me, it could be some time before you notice any changes. Trust me – when they’re ready, you’ll know.

Windows source code leak – The big news recently has been the leak of a portion of Microsoft Windows NT 4 and 2000 source code. The mainstream media is speculating that crackers will use the code to exploit undiscovered security holes, but I’m skeptical for two reasons – first, only a relatively small portion of fairly outdated code was released, and second, the bad guys have been doing just fine without seeing the code. However, there’s no doubt that the release won’t help either Microsoft or the general public – legitimate coders won’t touch the leaked source with a 12-foot pole, for fear of compromising their work in other projects.

Mars explorationSpirit and Opportunity seem to have faded from the public eye, but both have been hard at work on our sister planet. In other news, the Interplanetary Internet was tested recently by NASA. The test involved relaying signals from NASA‘s Spirit rover to the ESA‘s Mars Express orbiter, marking the first time that equipment from the two space agencies have successfully communicated with each other.

Janet Jackson – Ahh, yes, who could forget the famous halftime show? I was not pleased to see the indecent exposure. It may have been only 18 frames, or 3/4 of a second, but I caught it, which means many, many other people did, too. I watched the testimony of NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue and Viacom COO Mel Karmazin’s testimony before the House on C-SPAN. While Tagliabue seems remorseful about the event, I found Karmazin’s continued defense of the event as “gross, not indecent” to be distasteful and irresponsible. (What else is new…)