Semi-annual Time Gripes

I think I’m going to make these semi-annual gripes about daylight saving time a Waileia tradition. I forgot to set Movable Type back to Nome time to compensate for the rest of the United States (except for those smart Hoosiers in Indiana and a few places in Arizona) jumping an hour into the future. Thanks for the reminder, Dean.


  • Slashdot had a poll, with the haters far outnumbering the lovers. One of the more interesting threads to emerge talks about the potential impact on cron jobs.
  • Two NBA players were benched for not making a morning practice due to daylight saving time change.

2 thoughts on “Semi-annual Time Gripes

  1. Just a slight clarification from your posting. It’s not “a few places in Arizona” that do not change to daylight savings time. The vast majority of AZ doesn’t change with the exception of a small area up in the northeast corner of the state which is the Navajo Indian Reservation in the “four corners” area (where New Mexico, Utah, Colorado & Arizona meet)

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