RFC: Choosing a Church

In the Internet world, a RFC traditionally specifies technical information like “protocols, procedures, programs, and concepts.” In my case, I have a specific non-technical question I’d appreciate answers to.

For about two years, I’ve been one of the unchurched. (Irene, it’s great that you’re looking for a new home so quickly!) I don’t want to say where, or for what reasons I left.

God has blessed me repeatedly with many talents, but extrovertedness isn’t one of them. There’s lots of seemingly good ideas on choosing a church, but I don’t know how to narrow the field down.

My question is thus: How did you find the church you’re in now? I’m hoping to get a lot of comments that will help me (and possibly even a visitor) get plugged in to the body of Christ again.

At the moment, I only have one requirement. I believe I’m supposed to be using my gifts of understanding technology and multimedia for ministry. Wherever I go, I think this will need to be a ministry I can join.

Like Irene, I’m asking for your prayers, and your advice. Mahalo.

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  1. In short, find a church with a solid Biblical doctrine and a pastor that teaches it. As for using your gifts, i don’t recall seeing technology or multimedia mentioned. 🙂 Be open to becoming involved where God wants you. I’m a techy too, but realized there is so much that needs to be done in a church body that you shouldn’t limit yourself or where God can use you…

  2. When I was searching for a new church, I made a list of the things I was looking for and categorized them along the lines of “must have”, “important”, and “would be nice”. Major questions of doctrine and practice went in the “must have” category; things like “are there other young families?” went in the “would be nice” slot.

    Then I just systematically started visiting and calling churches, and meeting with pastors. There are a lot of churches here in the Bible belt, so this helped me effectively narrow the list down. And then I started visiting them.

    When we found the church we’re at now, it was very obvious to my wife and I that we were in the right church.

  3. No church is perfect. There is always something that could be better. My wife and I did ‘church shopping’ for a year. During that time we had no spiritual growth and actually were falling further and further away from HIM.

    Find a church that preaches The Word. Make sure that they give scriptual references. Make sure they preach the message of salvation.

    1. We are all sinners, seperated from God by our sin.
    2. There is NO way that we can get to Heaven due to that sin.
    3. God sent his only son, Jesus Christ, to live a perfect sinless life on earth.
    4. Christ died on the cross for our sins.
    5. If we believe in Christ and ask him to be our personal savior, we will have eternal life in heaven.
    6. If we chose not to accept Christ, we will spend eternity in Hell.

    Some churches will make you feel comfortable and good about yourself. That is fine. That is good. Beware of the church that doesn’t (in love) tell you your a sinner and that you need Christ and need to live for HIM.

    I went to a great church. After a while I noticed something strange. They never said anything was a sin. 3 months, they never told us that we needed Christ in order to go to heaven. It isn’t worth it if you are being lied to, or by omission, lied to.

    Sorry if this is more of a ‘what not to look for’ than helping to find a good church.

    My best advice would be to ask friends. Ones that are solid in their faith and their walk with Christ. Ask them where THEY go.

    Hope I helped some!

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