RFC: Choosing a Church

In the Internet world, a RFC traditionally specifies technical information like “protocols, procedures, programs, and concepts.” In my case, I have a specific non-technical question I’d appreciate answers to.

For about two years, I’ve been one of the unchurched. (Irene, it’s great that you’re looking for a new home so quickly!) I don’t want to say where, or for what reasons I left.

God has blessed me repeatedly with many talents, but extrovertedness isn’t one of them. There’s lots of seemingly good ideas on choosing a church, but I don’t know how to narrow the field down.

My question is thus: How did you find the church you’re in now? I’m hoping to get a lot of comments that will help me (and possibly even a visitor) get plugged in to the body of Christ again.

At the moment, I only have one requirement. I believe I’m supposed to be using my gifts of understanding technology and multimedia for ministry. Wherever I go, I think this will need to be a ministry I can join.

Like Irene, I’m asking for your prayers, and your advice. Mahalo.