God’s Work in the Trenches

A recent post by Lee Anne got me thinking about how the world, and often how Christians, tend to understand Jesus Christ. Her words were profound:

Satan doesn’t care how much people talk about Jesus – speculating on His sex life, searching for the historic Jesus or debating about whether He really said everything the Gospel writers attribute to Him. In fact, he probably loves it…What really makes Satan tremble is when people start focusing on Jesus Christ and the cross.

Without consciously realizing it, this has been a constant struggle for me. God gives everybody particular gifts and talents to serve Him. For people who minister behind the scenes in a church community, it can be difficult to remember that the application of your gifts needs to result in souls finding Christ.

People who maintain church facilities, set up before services, and handle sound and video equipment live by the maxim, “the greatest compliment is none at all” – if you’re doing your job right, nobody notices you. However, if my personal experiences are any indication, people who handle these important tasks can lose sight of their purpose.

I think I’m going to need to be a little more aware of how I’m using my gifts in the future. They need to point people directly to God.