He’s Real

Peter Maass, a columnist over at Slate, has conclusively (in my mind, at least) answered a question that has been floating all over the blogosphere: Salam Pax is real.

Salam Pax, an Iraqi who’s been blogging the war first-hand at Where is Raed?, has been the subject of much speculation, among bloggers and traditional media alike.

Speculations included the possibility that the blog was propaganda from the CIA or the Mukhabarat, or that Salam was nothing but a hoax. People throughout the ‘net worried about his welfare when he suddenly stopped blogging as the war began. The Guardian, which has hired Salam to write a bi-weekly column, reports that there were times that his loss of Internet access made him wonder whether officials were on to him. Although Diana Moon (via Google), Salam’s friend, believed he was real, most people took this with a grain of salt.

I’m glad you’re okay, Salam. I have a feeling I’ll be reading more of your work now that I know you’re legit.

Link via such small hands (June 3rd; permalinks broken).