If Your Hard Drive Crashes and Nobody’s Around…

…does it make a sound?

It’s a good philosophical question, but I’m not thrilled that I actually have to answer it. It’s letting me blog for now, but every so often my computer starts making sounds like a jackhammer…clunk, clunk, clunk. (I kid you not, I can literally hear the heads bouncing on the platters…crash, crash, cra, cr, cr, c, c, c, …)

Incidentally, I heard these same sounds a few weeks after I bought it. After shipping it to be repaired, Compaq shipped it back with a note saying nothing was wrong. It’s out of warranty now. (In fairness, this is pre-HP, so maybe, possibly, they’re better now. Don’t buy from them unless you’re sure they are.)

So, as you can probably imagine, blogging is going to be light for a few weeks, but I have a question in the meantime: should I try to get this [notebook] computer repaired, or should I buy a new or semi-new one?

If I do the latter, it’s going to be a Mac. Yes, I’m a Switcher. When I got started on computers, PCs kicked Apple’s…well, let’s just say that Apple had a run for their money. However, times change, and stupid Microsoft tricks like product activation, trusted computing/Palladium, and the inability to fix problems because the Windows CD isn’t bundled have caused me to shy away from the platform. At the same time, not having to type a serial number, UNIX stability, and its superior multimedia software makes Macs very appealing. Oh, and of course, there’s Aqua.

So, while I (gulp) try to coax a few more backed up files out of my CD burner, what do you think: fix this or buy a Mac? Comments welcome, desired, and appreciated. See you in a ‘few.

One thought on “If Your Hard Drive Crashes and Nobody’s Around…

  1. I really can’t comment on your question, because I have no idea, but I can commismerate on your hard drive crashing. I’ve been transferred to the multimedia dept at work and one of the things this dept does is video shoots & video editing. The Mac and the PC have taken turns to crash; the guy who’s in charge of the video stuff is just tearing his hair out coz he keeps on losing chunks of his work. Just the other day, I spent the whole day burning data onto CDs to archive them for him, and the following day the PC crashed. He was sooooooo thankful we’d got everything backed up just in time!

    Also, thank God for the tech dept… every time something happens, we just pick up the phone and holler. Then it becomes THEIR headache! *wicked laugh*

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