Little Miracles

It continues to amaze me just how perfect God’s handiwork actually is.

Have you ever thought about exactly how incredible human memory is? Through chemical processes we haven’t begun to comprehend, the brain can filter sensory inputs continuously, discard unimportant ones, and file the rest in an incredibly efficient manner.

Our use of memory, according to Ruben and Stewart in Communication and Human Behavior, Fourth Ed., is divided into two processes: recall and recognition. The recognition ability, which allows us to rapidly and automatically retrieve information related to our current situation, is astounding. This is why most of us don’t touch a hot iron – we know from past experience that it hurts.

While this may seem simple enough, consider this: topics like this are the exact problems undertaken by computer scientists with concentrations in AI. This is why colleges like MIT and companies like Microsoft funnel millions of dollars into research, and why continuous attempts to introduce intelligent software agents into our daily lives fail – nobody’s figured out how to teach a computer to learn.

Trust me, God is pretty smart. I’m constantly amazed with the intricacy of His universe and its processes.

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