New Look at Google

A recent search at Google reveals a slightly altered design on their pages. Most notably, the tabs that separated Image, Groups, and other searches have been replaced by simple links. I wonder if this argument back from June, 2002, played any part in the decision:

From Amazon to PCWorld, they [tabs] behave as the files in our file cabinet would. They classify and contain different stuff…However, on Google, they act as lenses…Once you have done a search, you can see the information differently by applying a tab/lens to it.

Other changes to the page include gradient backgrounds; more cartoonish icons for Google News, the calculator, and so forth; and a more explicit link. Don’t worry, the famous Goooooooooogle O’s are still there.

UPDATE 11/24 10:28 – I just did another search and got the old page. Maybe it’s being phased in?

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